Openprinter Wiki

Here is a list of what needs to be done before we have a printer capable of performing a simple black and white print job. Add and edit items as necesary, and update the status as changes occur. Think of this as the graphic organizer toward success, as well as a place to identify what remains to be done.

Part of project: To be done: Current Status;
Printer firmware Write software to recieve signals over ethernet, convert rgb to cmyk, and operate hardware. Planning
Driver Make driver for ipp/postscript for linux and windows compatability. Planning
Circuitry Select controller, and design the motor and printhead controllers. Null
Print head Select commercial printhead or design custom one. Should be cheap and reliable. Null
Ink system Select commercial ink resovoir system or design custom one. Null
Motion systems Select movement type, design system. Planning
Chasis Design chasis. Null
User Interface Create website servable from printer's firmware, and create the printer's frontplate. Null