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I want to build my own printer. There can be exactly one first model, and I'll settle for black and white. Eventually, the project will branch into laser, color laser, and other technologies, but at first, let's try a black and white model.

I want to be able to create it from noncustom items; there is nothing magical about printing that should restrict me to a certain vendor. Those items that appear to be custom can be approximated: wood /acrylic / metal can be formed to an outer shell, and some inventive thought can give rise to printer cartridges. If you doubt this, examine the "continuous feed systems" available on Ebay.

In some future iteration, I want an integrated print server and a driverless network connection: Let it be capable of direct network connectivity, with a host OS, driver, and network stack on the printer itself. An authorized user can send documents, and statistics can be served or sent to a repository.

I have a $200. - $400 budget for the first prototype, but won't begin purchases before Monday, March 15. That gives us roughly 60 days during which time, we'll compile a list of parts and sources.

Does this community desire to create such a printer?

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