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what sort of ink to be used?

something cheap?

perhaps different inks could be used?

sort of like how different blends of gasoline can be used with some engines?


what if you go the craft store, and wanted to use jet black oil paint... could that work?

what if you wanted to use... ink from bic pens?

what if those pens you can get at the dollar store... 10 for a buck.... bic pens... could be used?

how would that be?


does the ink need to be magnetic?

The ink does not need to be magnetic. Finding the right ink will be difficult, and will probably end up with OpenPrinter buying gigantic quantities of ink and selling it for rediculous savings. The ink must be the proper viscosity, so most forms of paint and pen ink are out. Also, it needs to have the right properties, or else it will not function. We will probably need to buy wholsale, unless someone with experience in the field knows what is necesary to make ink work and is willing to formulate a recipe.